Interesting Developments

Ok, Ok , Ok. So I got the following e-mail yesterday from Ca...umm... "Phyllis" with "The Agency."

I have, of course, changed the names to protect the innocent...

"The usual question of 'any word on training or new applicants for our team?' has been coming around again-so I wanted to specifically address that. Good news- 'Leroy', the...director, is beginning to budge and is now willing to send you guys out without the full number of 12! Not to paint 'Leroy' in a bad light at all or to try to 'blame' him for this waiting period....but as director of this department, he bears the weight of discerning what is the wisest move for us to make for each team-and he has felt so far that the wisest thing for everyone was to wait until we had at least 12 to send to training. But one day last week we all were talking and he shared that he really felt that we needed to send you guys out before the years' end-to serve you well and to be most strategic with what's happening on the field. So I still can't give you specifics-but we are looking at some kind or arrangement to train you in November and December-ish. Like every other time I've told you an estimate-don't pin every hope on this bit of info. It is our 'GOAL' to have you guys sent out before the end of the year. Pray with us that the Lord will pave a smooth road to make this possible. All things depend fully on HIM!"


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