Binge Watching is the New Reading

Binge watching TV is like reading a book.

I know nobody wants to admit it. Even Nila's giving the idea a strong side-eye in the picture, but hear me out.

I've binge watched a few tv shows over the past few months since we picked up a Roku and dropped cable. For those who don't know, binge watching is just what it sounds like; watching an entire season (or series) over a short period of time, usually watching multiple episodes in one sitting.

I watched 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in three or four weeks. 

With a book, I can immerse myself in the world of the book. I can follow the characters and the story for hours at a time. I can start a story and end a story as fast as I can read the book. 

With traditional tv, I can spend 30 minutes to an hour with a story each work over multiple years and with huge breaks while the show's off the air.


Netflix and it's friends let me decide when and how I watch. If I want to watch American Horror Story: Asylum in one week, I can do it. Even if I have to hide my face and turn down the volume during the theme song. 

The investment of my time with the show feels a lot like my investment of time with a book. I can dive into that world and stay there until I'm finished.

Binge watchers know what I mean. 

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