Writing So Little

I know it's lame to write a blog post about why you're not writing blog posts, but that's where we are here at 13Months, so let's embrace our lameness and move forward.

Besides, focussing on our lameness takes us away from what we should really be focussing on: the not writing.

I am working at the temp/contract job again. This time, though, it's all data entry and no phone. That's a fairly good development.

Website design continues to move forward, but it's sporadic which makes it hard to rely on the money, but we're getting ever closer to that.

I have resigned myself to the fact that Angie and I are in the US for an extended period and I am trying to be okay with it. Maybe that's why the writing has waned. I wanted to keep people updated with exciting news from far away locales.

Columbus is not exotic.

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