Ariving in America

I found a link to this article from the New York Times while I was browsing Michael Totten's site. It's written by an Iraqi who recently settled in the US after working as a translator for the US military.

Yesterday we took a long drive to get somewhere. My aunt is very cautious and
alert while driving through a particular neighborhood. She turns to me and says:
“Look!” I turn around and spot two empty cans of soda and, like, three empty
bags of potato chips all in a polite pile. “This is a bad neighborhood,” she
I will only add that I think it's unfortunate that the US, European and Iraqi governments so severely limit the Iraqi people's freedom of movement and that more Iraqis aren't experiencing the same joys of living in a relatively free and open society.

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Tammy said...

I read in the paper today, that new cars are being sold at a rate of 50% more than 2007....they sold 10 in 2007. They are buying Hummers, Korean and Japanese cars. I've got a business for you.....insurance and auto repair. They don't have either there and have to pay full price for repairs. Think about it!