An Apple a Day

So, I started at CallTech on Monday and...it's not so bad.

The hours for training are 4:30 to midnight which isn't super pleasant, but I'll survive it. Probably. I'm working on the Apple iPod project, which basically means I'll do phone support for the iPod. The past three days have really proven that Apple makes the best computer and computer-related products on the planet. I'm not a huge geek, but we've been training on Mac OS X (10.4, I think). It makes Windows look like (i don't know...insert your own analogy for something not as good as something else).

On to more important things...

My team was fourth at this year's Almost Amazing Race. This seems like good finish, but we were in second for much of the race and in first for parts. In the end, it's all Mrs. Mulvaney's fault that we lost. We were behind her at CVS trying to buy nail polish and she refused to speed up her activities even though we were obviously in a very important and monumental race.

Thanks alot, Mrs. Mulvaney! Now I may never know what winning feels like... :-(

Also, running the AAR before the potluck made me less hungry at potluck time. I think that deserves a :-(, as well.

Ramble, ramble, ramble...

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