Live from Red Rock

I've been to Vegas numerous times, but I've never been to Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire. Until now, that is. I really can't describe how beautiful those two places are. The picture is from the Valley of Fire State Park. If you ever go to Vegas, pull yourself away from the slots long enough to visit.

When I'm home, I often forget how much I love Las Vegas. I usually travel in the summer and I LOVE the heat. It was above 90 every day and most days it was above 100. And dry! Arid climates are where it's at. I don't know why we waste our time with humidity like a bunch of suckers.

One last note from Vegas.

Mankind has achieved his ultimate goal: Curved Escalators.

Not just once, but several times! The new Wynn Hotel and Casino boasts a set of them (plus a Maserati dealership) and Ceasar's Palace has a three or four story spiral thing going on. It's only a matter of time before they spring up everywhere.

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